North Shore Scenic Railroad Holds Conductor Training

7 Days is All it Takes to Get Behind the Wheel of a Train

DULUTH, Minn.- If you’ve ever dreamed of working on a railroad all the live long day, the North Shore Scenic Railroad is offering that chance.

This Thursday they will begin 7 volunteer conductor training sessions.

Railroad officials say the classes will start from scratch, teaching the basics, and prepare students to take the G-COR exam in April.

“These are the same types of courses and training you would go through if you were hired by Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, anyone of the railroads will teach you the same thing,” said Ken Buehler, Executive Director of the Railroad.

“I think the real fun of this is, instead of hauling taconite, tank cars and box cars, you get to haul people and they want to enjoy the wonderfulness of our great city.”

Classes are just 17 dollars for the whole program, covering your materials.

New conductors will then get on the tracks in the summer.

To register, go to

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