Spike in Snowplow Accidents Prompts Increased Driver Safety

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation more than two dozen crashes have occurred.

DULUTH, Minn. –¬†Already this winter, state snowplows in Minnesota have been involved in more than two dozen crashes with other vehicles.

Winter is far from over and snowplows will continue to be busy on streets and highways around the Northland.

Plows often drive slower than the posted speed limit because it helps them make the roads as clear as possible.

The spike in accidents has prompted the Minnesota Department of Transportation to review driver safety near plows.

“We really encourage people to do three things. Slow down, stay a safe distance behind the plow, and don’t drive distracted. Those are our three key points, if people do that they’re probably going to get to their destination safely,” says Beth Petrowske, the public affairs coordinator at MNDOT.

Snowplows kick up a snow cloud, which can cut down the vision of any driver following too close behind the plow.

Even though the safest place to be is behind the plow, MNDOT stresses to stay at least ten car lengths back if possible.

MNDOT says many of the snowplow crashes this winter have happened because of motorists being impatient and not driving safely.

Highways often have censors under the road to determine conditions.

Chances are if you see a plow, the road is potentially hazardous. Meaning you should slow down and pay close attention.

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