Great Outdoors: Ice Fishing on Lake Superior

Anglers Get Out on Ice in Tough Weather Conditions

DULUTH, Minn.- As Lake Superior hardens with ice, you can bet Anglers are there to drill their holes and drop their lines.

But these brave Northlanders have to get their timing just right, because in a day all that ice could be gone.

The wind howls, cutting through ice houses like a knife.

Suddenly, the wind’s song is interrupted by the brute motor of an auger, followed by the “glug” of the water gushing out of the fresh hole.

The harsh weather doesn’t stop Anglers from camping out, waiting for the next big fish.

“My first fish was a 15lb lake trout, took about 15 minutes to get all the way to the top of the ice,” said Jason Swingen, who’s been ice fishing since he was 8 years old.

“So I’m always waiting for the big lake to freeze over again, so I’m excited.”

Winds are expected to stay the same until Thursday, with temperatures on the colder side.

So you can expect that ice to be thick for at least a few more days.

Unlike rivers and smaller lakes, Lake Superior is full of big Lake Trout.

A Catch 21 for a fisherman, ready to make a hearty meal.

“The fish, I guess, and I like fish, it’s one of my favorite foods, I guess,” said Joel Enbertson, who was recently introduced to ice fishing by his friends, camped out in the ice house nearby.

“And it’s pretty fun, for the thrill of it.”

For some, the thrill is in the struggle; the work put into bringing that fish out of the frigid water.

“The fight,” Swingen said.

“It’s hard to explain, it’s a lot different than Walleye fish. And Lake Trout follow you in like 60-70 feet of water, and they’ll follow you all the way to the top of the ice.”

“And once they hook on, they fight like nothing else.”

Many of these Anglers will go their whole day without a catch.

But it’s the love of Northland winters that keeps them coming back to the Great Outdoors, on frozen Lake Superior.

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