Teachers in Minnesota Visit Duluth for MAAP Conference

"Teaching in an alternative setting is a little unique."

DULUTH, Minn. – The Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs also known as MAAP is an organization that works to lead, support, and improve experiences in the classroom for students who may have learning disabilities.

Representatives from several organizations and businesses from around Minnesota presented their expertise to educators giving ideas that could be used during the school year.

Throughout the state conference, educators were  able to bounce ideas off each other, including lesson plans or even how to keep kids motivated in the classroom.

Many different keynote speakers were also on hand to present innovative teaching skills.

MAAP’s chair believes the conference is a big deal for teachers to  learn new skills so students with learning disabilities can have the same education as other students.

“We all do better if we all do better. We are working in alternative education. It is important to remember that, said MAAP Chair Kristyn Martin.

“We have kids that struggle in the traditional schools. They should still have a chance to get a program or have a route to graduate from high school,” Martin continues.

One educator hopes she will learn enough to teach her students in new ways.

“Teaching in an alternative setting is a little unique,” said Mary Halberman.

“We get as many ideas as we possibly can get. We go back to implement them and hopefully they work, if not we have other ideas to fall back on,” Halberman explains.

Overall educators from across Minnesota learned valuable information while connecting with others to provide a better education for alternative students.

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