Snowy Weather Doesn’t Stop Delivery Drivers

Terrible roads won't stop drivers from getting food to you

DULUTH, MINN.- Delivery drivers dealt with the terrible roads to get food to people who didn’t want to get out.

The roads weren’t too bad for delivery drivers to call off orders today, but wait times at Jimmy Johns in Duluth doubled. However, their main concern is the drivers safety. The General Manager at the Duluth location, Cody Muench, stated “they have to be careful the minute they step outside the door. There’s ice to worry about, there’s drivers, there’s all that kind of stuff. Other drivers to worry about. They should be safe over everything else. We don’t want anyone getting hurt just delivering a sandwich”.

And while delivery drivers are pretty much used to this scenario, they take the weather experience with caution and a heavy duty car.

Erberts and Gerberts delivery driver Steve Ruble said that “it gets interesting out there, and you see a lot of fender benders. But yeah it can be a challenge definitely.

Drivers try their best to get people their food in a timely manner. And although some strive for fast delivery, when bad weather strikes, they let callers know that it could be a longer wait than normal.

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