Escape Rooms Take Over The Bong Historical Center For A Good Cause

This Weekend Only! You Can "Escape The Bong" With 3 Different Themed Room Options.

SUPERIOR, Wisc. — In this weeks Active Adventures, Brittney Merlot and Brett Scott get locked into a mobile escape room with 1 hour to get out! Watch the video above to see if they got out in time!

Northland, you get the chance to try out the 3 new escape rooms that are only here for this weekend only! Grab a bunch of your friends and head to the Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center that is hosting, Escape the Bong, February 7–9.

If you’ve never heard of an escape room before, you get locked into a themed room for up to an hour. Your goal is to solve puzzles, find clues and crack a code to get the door open. (NOTE: YOU ARE NEVER REALLY LOCKED INSIDE, IT’S A GAME! There is a release button to open the door at any time you want to leave the game!)

But the challenge is to solve the puzzle and escape the room before the hour time limit is out.  A certain amount of clues are given to help you when you are completely stumped.

“I’m excited about it! I’m really, really excited, it’s turned out really well! We have some fun puzzle elements and I think people are going to have a fun challenging time whether they’ve done rooms before or if this is their first time ever hearing of it until right now! But it’s fun, they are going to have a blast!” explained Tom Atwood Escape Room Creator, Evergreen Gifts & Fun Park.

Escape the Bong is a three–day event featuring multiple escape rooms that will test your deduction and puzzle solving skills. Each room is designed for an hour of problem solving fun. Each room has its own unique mission and experience.


  • FDR Bunker: While touring FDR’s World War II bunker deep below the streets of New York you have been accidentally locked inside! FDR hid the code to get out somewhere in the subterranean hideaway. It’s up to you to find it!
  • Deadly Deer Camp: You have wandered onto the wrong man’s property! He will give you one hour to solve his puzzles; otherwise, you might end up on the menu! (Not recommended for under 13 years of age.)
  • Door to Doomsday: As a member of a Minuteman missile crew, you have to decide…is launching the right thing to do? Will you save the world and be the hero? Or will doomsday be on your head? This room has been custom built just for the Bong Center.

Thursday, February 7th is kids days, with special pricing all day. On Friday and Saturday, the Center will have extended hours and after 5:00 p.m., guests will be able to grab a cold beverage to enhance their escape room experience.

You will be able to have up 10 people per group. Smaller groups may be combined to fill out a group of 10.

All the proceeds will go directly to The Bong Center’s youth program.

“It’s just been non– stop calling and a lot of god feedback online and people are just really excited about doing something different in the area! And you are supporting a good cause. So there can’t be anything better than that right!” said Hayes Scriven the Director of the Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center.


Thursday & Friday Pricing: Adult – $25.00, 10– 18 – $15.00, Under 10 – $12.50

Saturday Pricing: Adult – $25.00, Under 10 – $12.50


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