Adopted Minnesota Man Meets Half-Sister for the First Time

The siblings didn't know each other existed until the beginning of 2019.

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s said that a sibling is a life long friend, but what if it took your whole life to meet them? That’s exactly what happened with a pair of Minnesota half siblings who met for the very first time Saturday.

67 year old Sam Wilkes and his wife waited anxiously in Perkins restaurant on Miller Trunk Highway.

“I’m adopted and ” started the search about 5 and a half years ago,” Wilkes said.

Wilkes is from Palo, Minnesota. When his adopted father died, he knew it was time to start asking questions about his birth family. It’s what led him to meet his younger half sister for the very first time.

The pair had only been in contact for a month before their meeting.

“My kids got me the ancestry DNA kit for a Christmas present,” 45 year old sister Joelee Luna said. “I was hoping to find some sort of information as to who my father was or something about who half of me is.”

Luna says almost the same instant she got her DNA results back, Sam reached out to her.

“We put two and two together and… This is my baby sister,” Wilkes said.

The two are eager to spend the rest of their lives knowing each other. But not without catching up after all these years.

“I’ve got a niece and nephew to meet yet and he does, too,” Luna said.

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