Duluth Library Introduces Readers to Different Books through “Book Bingo”

Instead of numbers, staff called out book titles.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Downtown Duluth Library brought a new meaning to reading and bingo.

Today, 20 people at the library received a bingo card.

Instead of numbers,  staff called out book titles.

Each winner received a free book.

Grand prize winners also won a gift card to Barnes and Noble.

“Book Bingo” started about three years ago and library staff says it’s a way to introduce readers to new book genres.

“I love the fact that I do book titles, so people are being exposed to titles they may not have ever heard of, ” said Kathy Bushey.

“I tell people they are real book title. I try to find some that make people laugh,” Bushey continues.

The next “Book Bingo” is scheduled for March 12 from noon to 1 pm at the Downtown Duluth Library.

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