Homemade Food That’s Downright Kickin’ Delicious

KNOWING YOUR NEIGHBORS: Kickin' Delicious Family Restaurant.

SUPERIOR, Wis.-¬†Homegrown, handmade, delicious- Kickin’ Delicious actually. Which just so happens to be the name of Superior’s newest family owned restaurant.

Amy Poster worked in restaurants her whole life. A few year’s back the Posters were inspired to tackle a restaurant of their own which is how they found KD’s.

It was originally Kathy and Dwayne, named after its first owners.

“My sister actually brought it up, Kickin’ Delicious, so that’s what we went with. It’s what KD stands for now,” owner Lawrence Poster said.

After the success of their first location, the Posters wanted to open up another restaurant in downtown Superior. And in December 2018, they did.

“All of our vegetables we get them in fresh and we cut them ourselves. All our breads… We slice our own meats up, cut our own steaks,” Poster said,

The Posters not only run the restaurant, but serve and cook for their customers, too.

Amy Poster, the owner’s mother, says they try to make all of their meals with love.

“I love the lord Jesus, I’m a believer and so we try to love people and show that in the restaurant the best we can,” Amy said.

As for the small space and working with family, things can get hectic at times.

“It can be stressful at times, too… Just being so close with your family all the time,” Poster said.

The Posters are hoping for a bigger restaurant in the future, but they’re happy with what they have right now in their shop off Tower Avenue.

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