Minnesota Sea Grant Watches Lake Levels Rise

Levels inching closer to record

DULUTH, Minn.- The turbulent weather this winter hasn’t only dumped tons of snow on the city, but added water to Lake Superior.

Minnesota Sea Grant reports that the lake levels have risen, to 602.43 ft as of this January.

This has caused some flooding on Park Point, and big waves splashing on Brighton Beach.

They say the increase is largely due to storm surges, and wind.

“That’s what caught a lot of our attention,” said Tom Beery, Resiliency Specialist with the Sea Grant. “The storm surges when we have a high water level, and if we couple that with just the right weather.”

“So a storm with the winds that are just right bring the water level even higher.”

Now the Sea Grant says levels are still not as high as the record 603.38 ft, and is down a foot from a year ago.

They project that the levels will remain high for some time, though that is subject to change with the weather.

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