Superior School District Extends School Day by Seven Minutes To Make Up for Snow Days

In Superior 1,050 instructional hours is required for students in grades 1-6 and 1,137 for students in grades 7- 12.

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – For the 2018–2019 school year Superior schools set aside two extra days in case school had to close for bad weather.

Recent snow falls have pushed the district beyond that cushion.

To stay in compliance with the state of Wisconsin, the school district is now making up time by extending each school day by seven minutes starting on Monday, February 12.

In Wisconsin, each school district has a set number of teaching hours that are required for students to learn each year.

In Superior  1,050 instructional hours is required for students in grades 1-6 and 1,137 for students in grades 7- 12.

In Minnesota, school requirements are different.

At this time, the Duluth School District has no plans to make adjustments to make up time.

After doing the math, the Superior School District decided seven minutes added to each school day would be the easiest way to cover the one extra snow day used.

“We feel that adding seven minutes to the day is not a significant disruption,” said Superior Superintendent Amy Starzecki.

“To cut time off from spring break or at the end of the school year is not the best learning time either. Ultimately we  have to be in compliance with our statue and it is out of our control,” Starzecki continues.

Currently, Superior High School has seven class periods, so each will extend by one minute.

For all other Superior schools the day will  simply end seven minutes later.

The Superior Superintendent made sure the adjustment would still allow proper transportation for students.

The district could apply for a waiver with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to eliminated any make up time, but The Superintendent believes it is unlikely a waiver would be approved.

If the superior district has to take more snow days, eventually adding minutes may not be enough to make up the difference, as more snow is expected.

Instead days will need to be added to the end of the school.

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