Age Well Arrowhead Watches Over Those Who Need Assistance

The nonprofit helps take care of Northlanders who need help staying independent.

DULUTH, Minn. – Age Well Arrowhead is here to take care of those who need assistance in the Northland.

The nonprofit helps mostly those over sixty with many different things including grocery shopping, shoveling, and even finances.

These services are often utilized by those who have trouble staying completely independent.

“Folks needs don’t go away when it gets cold or windy or blowy or snowy it’s like they almost increase more so they needed groceries,” said Mary Bovee, the executive director of Age Well Arrowhead.

Ernestine Alexander’s family is across the country, so the help Age Well Arrowhead gives her, keeps her on her own.

“It allows me to have my independence and I know I have someone to call on when I need them instead of calling on my neighbors,” said Alexander, a Duluth resident for 47 years.

Many clients don’t have family in the area so Age Well Arrowhead makes sure to help them celebrate the holidays.

For Valentine’s Day, they’ve teamed up with local youth groups to slip cards into grocery bags.

“It might be the only card they get. A lot of these people that we help don’t have a lot of family, or they live alone, and it’s just an extra little something to have on the fridge, like getting a card from a grandchild again,” said the volunteer coordinator at Age Well Arrowhead, Shelbi Benson.

Orders for groceries have grown exponentially from 12 orders in 2016 to over 1,200  to orders last year, showing just how much of our community needs a little extra help.

“I just think it’s wonderful because I was kind of afraid because I don’t have anyone here so I rely on Age Well and that’s the perfect name Age Well,” said Alexander.

Age Well Arrowhead relies heavily on its volunteers to make connections with their clients and help them with the daily activities.

If you’re interested in giving back to those in need, or if you’re looking for help, visit their website here.

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