Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights Coalition Teaches Homeless How to Survive the Cold

"I just like being able to give back."

DULUTH, Minn. – The Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights Coalition is connecting with the homeless community by starting a new group learning series.

For the first time the coalition is teaching the homeless a few winter survival tips.

Everyone at today’s session received a hat, warm socks and even a few tasty treats.

The coalition invited a UMD Professor and a foot specialist to share a few techniques the homeless community could use while living outside.

Organizers believe this series is a way to keep connected with the homeless community.

“I think it is important to keep engaging so people can know we are still working on this, but also to maybe do more practical education,” said Coalition Coordinator Michael Elderbrook.

Dressing in layers and stuffing your coat with newspaper were just a few ideas presented to the homeless on how to keep their body warm on a really cold night.

Greg Petry is a UMD professor who teaches camping survival tips.

He explained honored he was to help in any way.

“I just like being able to give back,” said Greg Petry.

“Being a recipient of help in a lot of the adventures I have been on it’s a nice way to take what I know and provide that sort of information to another population,” Petry continues.

The Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights Coaltion is continuing to make plans with the city to open a 24 hour hygiene facility.

Currently, the coalition is also working with other organizations to possibly extend the hours of the warming centers in Duluth as well as changing the temperature required for opening those centers.

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