Fire Marshal: Keep Vents Clear of Snow

Carbon monoxide is just one danger in this winter weather.

DULUTH, Minn. – Many hazards accompany the bad winter weather the Northland experiences.

However, a less obvious danger lies in the vents on the outside of your home when they get clogged up with snow.

Carbon monoxide can build up when the vents are blocked.

The colorless, ordorless toxin can cause flu-like symptoms and even death.

“Check all of your vents make sure they’re not blocked by snow or ice so things can vent properly, so carbon monoxide does not back up into your house,” said Duluth Fire Marshal Marnie Grondahl.

Always check your vents especially during heavy and blowing snow.

The fire marshal also stresses to have carbon monoxide detectors at least ten feet from every bedroom in the house.

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