Snow Cleanup Persists in the Northland

Recent big snowfalls continue to cause issues in the region.

NORTHLAND – Snow is a way of life here in the Northland. As far as the eye can see mountains of dense plow piles line the roads.

Shoveling is an issue many have to deal with, but it’s important to remember the fire hydrants when digging out.

“If we have residents that have a hydrant in front of their house or nearby their house to shovel it out three feet in tall directions to give us access to it. It’s important for residents too because that’s the hydrant we’re likely going to be hooking up to if they do have a fire inside their house,” said Camron Vollbrecht, the captain of Engine 1 Superior.

The snow responsibilities can seem endless when it comes to taking care of a house or business.

Mailboxes often become lost in the mounds of snow and need to be taken care of as well.

“It’s people’s responsibility to clean those out and keep those clean. I realize this year it’s a challenge with the wet heavy snow and the amount we have now, but there’s not really much we can do, we don’t want to damage the mailboxes so we are forced to go around them,” said the 5th District Superintendent of St. Louis County Public Works.

Big snowfalls can be especially challenging for car dealerships.

At Superior Chrysler Center it takes about eight hours to move around the cars to make room for a contractor to plow the lot.

However, test drives actually become easier in the winter because potential buyers tend to driver safer.

“No, I’ve been doing it for so long nobody scares me anymore, I’ve had scarier rides in the summer than in the winter,” said sales manager at Superior Chrysler Center Michael Garrick.

Area fire departments are especially challenged in the winter.

It’s important to make sure your home is accessible if you need help.

“Right now the snow piles are getting way steep and it gets pretty difficult to move around, especially for us if we have structure fires is working around a building right now can be really difficult if we have our gear on and pulling hoses and things like that,” said Camron Vollbrecht, the captain at Engine 1 Superior.

Good news is this winter as seen less snow than others, so hopefully that trend continues as we march on towards spring.

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