Team USA Helps Kids Ice Cross Downhill Skate

Mont Du Lac Resort hosts open skate following big international race.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Some drill holes to fish in the ice.

Others skate downhill on it.

At Mont Du Lac Resort, the U.S. Ice Cross Association ended it’s All Terrain Skate Cross race, or ATSX, weekend with a kids cross open skate.

While this weekend hosted some major races for international teams, Sunday was the day the kids got to take to the hill and practice to become future champions.

“I like just getting to go fast down the hill, and it has obstacles in it,” said young Grayson Witty, thorough the metal netting of his facemask.

Team USA athletes helped them out, showing them what it takes to win in this crazy sport.

“It’s a lot of fun,” his father, Team USA Skater Dan Witty, said. “Usually had some pretty good luck out here so getting to come back and just relax and have some fun with the kids.”

“It’s been, it’s been a lot of fun.”

The hill was filled with kids tearing down on their skates, some reaching speeds close to the professionals’ at 50 miles per hour.

Though some didn’t make it all the way to the end, taking a tumble.

But their smile never broke the whole way down.

“These little kids are so fearless,” said Ben Williams, Lead Track Build for the ATSX500. “Like they’re literally hitting jumps that some of the riders are hesitant to go on their first time.”

“And they’re just literally fearless and sending it.”

The Association hopes this helps grow the sport of Ice Cross Downhill worldwide.

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