Protecting Your Children This Flu Season in the Wake of First Pediatric Flu Death in Wisconsin

The virus can turn in to a more serious condition like pneumonia or an ear infection.

DULUTH, Minn. – More than a dozen flu-related deaths have happened in Wisconsin since last October.

Now a child has become one of those victims.

According to the CDC, children are at the highest risk of dying from flu-related symptoms.

The most recent case in Wisconsin shows how important it is to protect your children this flu season.

Health officials say there are big challenges when treating children for the flu.

Kids are likely to develop more severe symptoms after developing the virus.

Also, the virus can turn in to a more serious condition like pneumonia or an ear infection.

High fever, loss of appetite, or not being as playful are just a few signs to look out for in children, if you believe they have developed the flu.

“We highly recommend that these children be seen very quickly. Do not wait being seen because treatment within 48 hours with the antiviral medication makes a big difference,” said MedExpress Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner Candyace Dunn.

Dunn continues, “Of course if the child does not get any better we can give them all the information that they need about how to watch their children and when to get them to the hospital.”

Studies shows a flu vaccination can drastically reduce a child’s risk of dying from the flu.

Health officials strongly recommend the flu shot for most people and it is never too late in the season to get vaccinated.

To prevent spreading the virus, remember to sanitize toys and practice good hand washing.

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