The First and Last Bridgeman’s Restaurant in the State

Northland Uncovered: A Duluth creamery that led to several ice cream shoppes and one standing restaurant in the state of Minnesota.

DULUTH, Minn.- I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Ice cream- good, whether it’s hot or Minnesota cold.

“Bridgeman’s is a family owned ice cream company, so we make our own ice cream, and then we also have restaurants,” Bridgeman’s brand owner Crystal Bakker said.

In 1883, Henry Bridgeman delivered fresh milk home to home through Duluth. It’s what inspired his sons, Chester and Roy to open their own ice cream shoppe in 1936.

“It continued to grow through the years… Peaking in the 70’s and 80’s with restaurants on every corner throughout the state,” Bakker said.

In 18 months the brothers opened six ice cream shoppes and the first Bridgeman’s Restaurant followed not long after. Now, the family owned spot is the last one in the state.

It’s been past through different families. Its current owners, Jay and Emily Broman, took over 15 years ago.

“When we first started it was just mainly ice cream and some salads and sandwiches,” Jay Broman said.

The restaurant has made from scratch food, but they’re still loved for their unique ice cream flavors. Turtle sundaes are popular.

“The Lala Palooza is the giant 8 scoop sundae that we serve and are known for,” Bakker said.

In 45 years the restaurant’s only been renovated twice. But the Bridgeman’s that many know and love is undergoing its biggest change yet.

“We’ve kind of tried to stick with that vintage look, that diner feel,” Broman said.

Ice cream will still be served at the front of the restaurant. The diner is aiming to keep the same nostalgic feel it’s always had.

Bridgeman’s Restaurant is looking to be completely remodeled by May 2019.

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