Volunteers Needed at Animal Allies Humane Society

The Demand for Volunteers is an Ongoing Concern for Staff at Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – More than 700 volunteers help keep the doors open and animals happy at Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth every year, but staff members say they can never have enough helping hands.

“The cats are just amazing and the dogs are always so friendly,” said volunteer Amber Karlstedt.

It’s safe to say many of us most likely have a few spare hours once or twice a week.

“It’s the greatest feeling,” said Karlstedt.

For Karlstedt, spending several hours per week at Animal Allies is a gift.

“It’s been my passion all my life to work around animals especially animals with special needs,” said Karlstedt.

Right now staff at Animal Allies are expressing a critical need for residents in the Northland to stop by and lend a helping paw.

“My favorite part about volunteering is being able to make a difference in the community and help the animals that truly need it,” said Karlstedt.

“We truly could not do everything that we do here throughout the year without volunteers helping fill certain rolls around the shelter,” said Michelle Sternberg, Development Officer at Animal Allies.

Sternberg says in 2018 volunteers clocked more than 33,000 hours at the shelter.

“You can just volunteer a couple hours at a time, it’s about two hour shifts minimum,” said Karlstedt.

The options are endless when it comes to caring for the furry friends. Whether you’re cleaning, scooping poo or simply engaging in animal enrichment, Sternberg says every moment matters.

“They also provide a lot of really important feedback for our medical team because the buddies do spend a lot of time with the animals,” said Sternberg.

Staff at Animal Allies welcome everyone with the slightest interest in volunteering to visit Animal Allies online. There you’ll also find a list of projects you can do from the comfort of your own home to help out.

“We have several off site volunteer opportunities as well for folks that can’t make it up here to the shelter. Harbor City International School recently got together as a group and made these adorable mouse toys for the cats, and rope toys for the dogs,” said Sternberg.
Doing the most from the kindness of their hearts to help hundreds of animals in need.

“You come in, you clean the cage a little bit, you play with the animals and it feels like its been like a half an hour but it’s actually been four hours,” said Karlstedt.

“It’s really exciting to meet the volunteers because everybody comes here for a different reason,” said Sternberg.

There is a $20 registration fee when signing up to volunteer at Animal Allies.

This fee will pay for your new volunteer t-shirt, along with brief training sessions before you get going.

Click here to learn more information and to sign up to volunteer today.

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