West Duluth Business Owner is Happy Snow Mounds Are Now Gone

"We're here too in West Duluth."

DULUTH, Minn. – Businesses in West Duluth are finally happy the five foot snow banks hiding their store fronts are now gone after Duluth snow crews cleared them away.

One local business owner has many reason to be happy the mounds are no longer there.

“We’re here too in West Duluth,” said owner of West Duluth Sewing and Design Janette Dederling.

Banks of Snow had been piled high in front of several local businesses in the area for quite some time.

Dederling says now her handicapped brother can safely visit her store on Grand Avenue.

On occasion, her brother enjoys stopping by, but the huge snow banks blocked his access.

After clearing the snow mounds, she hopes the city will keep up with the removal in West Duluth.

“I’m sure they are trying their best,” said Dederling.

Dederling continues, “I think sometimes they have to put us maybe third priorities because sometimes it is always downtown first.

Dederling says the mounds not only limited access for her brother but also her customers.

Her business has been slow for the last few months.

As a small business owner she could not afford to remove the mounds on her own.

Other local businesses in West Duluth are also happy.

Duluth Antique Marketplace thanked Fox 21 for helping focus attention on snow piles as they kept getting bigger.

More snow is expected to continue until later this evening.

Business owners in West Duluth are hoping the mounds won’t return to its previous heights.




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