Special Report: Lets Go Ice Fishing Part II

Father & Son Head To The Ice To Build A Lasting Bond

WATERSMEET, Mich. — For some families, there is no excuse to stay inside all winter long. In fact for some, it’s time to head out on the ice and do some fishing!

Fox 21’s Brittney Merlot takes us on the ice, in the wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Joining a father and son that are building life long memories and an unshatterable bond.

The father, Grady O’Neill says, “This year right around fall time, the ice was just starting he comes down and sits across from me, and I’m like hey how’s it going? He goes, so ice fishing, two weeks? And I was like YEAH that’s probably about right! Maybe a little longer buddy! That’s really special, means a lot to me to know that he is thinking about it too and looking forward to getting out there”

You’ll get to meet the adorable three year old, who’s learning to fish for crappie! See if he catches one on his own or not! But his favorite part, is being with his Dad!

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LETS GO ICE FISHING PART II:Father & Son Head To The Ice To Build A Lasting Bond!

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