Making Science Fun! See How Kids can Participate in STEM Events at Home

Students and families from Lowell Elementary School found ways to make science fun at their first STEM festival.

DULUTH, Minn.- What do baking and legos have in common? They’re ways to teach your children science at home.

Making science fun was the goal at Lowell Elementary who held their first ever STEM festival Thursday night.

Over 10 experiment stations that included playing with machines with Denfeld robotics or making rockets launch through the gym helped students see what working in a STEM field is like.

“We felt like a STEM opportunity is always a good opportunity, especially for young kids, to get the experience of learning about science and technology… and engineering and math. It’s a fun way to see it versus just on paper,” parent involvement coordinator Brie Eisenbarth said.

The event was put on by Duluth PTSA who was one of 5 PTA’s in the country to receive a $3500 grant to host the festival.

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