Marcia Hales’s Park Point Holiday Lights Given to Glensheen Mansion

After 20 years, the tradition continues at Glensheen Mansion.

DULUTH, Minn. – The tradition is continuing with Marcia Hales’s Park Point holiday lights which will now be at historic Glensheen Mansion for the holidays.

After 20 years, Hales said she would not be doing her lights anymore and is giving them to the mansion to allow the tradition to keep going.

“Now knowing the tradition can continue in an even more elegant location than my backyard, I can’t be sad about it, I’m anxious for it to come together,” said Hales about moving her lights.

Hales’s white and green lights take a more classic approach to Christmas. Glensheen Mansions will keep these lights down by the lake and away from their other displays.

“We are ecstatic we’re super thrilled the great connection with Lake Superior that will be able to honor that lake light connection we are really excited about that and we can’t wait to really honor her and add it to our Christmas offering,” said Jane Pederson the marketing manager for Glensheen Mansion.

For many there’s no place like home, but for Hales she’s excited to see her lights in a new space after so many years lighting up her backyard.

“It’s just an absolute perfect fit, it’s a larger space but it’s so similar because we are both on the lake and that was one of the draws to people coming here they wanted to walk down to the beach,” said Hales.

If you’re excited about seeing the lights in their new location, Glensheen Mansion’s Christmas displays will be starting the weekend before Thanksgiving.

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