Viking Electric Expands in Duluth

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Thursday for Viking Electric

DULUTH, Minn.- Viking Electric has expanded in Duluth. Thursday they hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at a new facility in Duluth’s West end.

Since 1993, Viking Electric has been in the same building. Today, they said hello to their new state of the arch building.

The warehouse is a two-story, 36,692 square foot facility with the first floor more than 29,600 square feet including a city desk, showroom, reception area and warehouse. Since the day the doors have opened, Viking Electric has continued to grow.

General Manager Greg Irvine stated that “you can’t always see into the future, but he anticipates continual growth, continual coverage and we are always looking for more opportunities to drive that”.

With the new building, the now have shipping doors for their trucks to come in instead of the previous two, along with adding an extra receiving door. The new building will also give Viking Electric more room to grow in the future.

The new facility here in Duluth gives the company the advantage to provide to the Northland area. It makes a statement that they are here in Duluth for many decades to come.