Stuffed Animals Spend the Night at Boot Camp

The Bong Center is hosting a boot camp Friday and Saturday


SUPERIOR, Wis.- Kids of all ages took their stuffed animals to the Bong Center Friday in Superior for the Stuffie Bootcamp. During the night, museum staff will take stuffed animals through a Popsicle stick wall climb, cargo net crawl, gum drop grenade toss, and they learn to fly the P-38 plane.

In the morning, kids come back to see pictures of all the fun things their stuffie took part in. The event costs $10. It’s designed to be a fun and educational event for children in pre-kindergarten through third grade.

Hayes Scriven, the Director at Bong Veterans Historical Center said “everybody has a favorite stuff animal even if you’re 35,40, or 50 you have your favorite stuffed animal that you’ve grown up with. And so you have a connection with it, you bring it in, you want it to have a really good experience”.

The stuffed animals will receive a customized dog tag, and a free museum admission along with discharge papers.

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