An “Otter” Kind of Birthday at Great Lakes Aquarium

Two Otters celebrate 6th birthday.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Great Lakes Aquarium is celebrating two birthday today.

Otter sisters Agate and Ore turned 6 today.

Guests celebrated by making them a cardboard house to play in, along with other crafts.

They even had their own Otter Birthday Cake.

Otters typically live about 10 years in the wild and 20 under human care.

So 6 is a big milestone.

“We actually go them when they were only about a year old,” said Animal Care Specialist Natalie Riemer. “So they’ve been here for 5 years and every year they seem to be more and more comfortable with us.”

“So its actually really exciting that we’re at the 6 year mark already.”

Some fun facts that “otter” tickle your whiskers:

An Otter’s tail is called the rudder, and they have no blubber, so they clean and dry themselves between dives to keep warm.

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