Duluth Man Loses 100 Pounds to Join Marines

William Housey Met his Goal in Honor of His Father

DULUTH, Minn –

The Marine Corp has a goal of finding 30,000 new recruits every year. It’s a challenge because interest in joining the military is the lowest it’s been in a decade.

According to the Department of Defense, the percentage of young people likely to join the Marines is at just 5 percent, many young people are not qualified to join due to health reasons.

“It’s a big challenge in today’s society, very easy to go to McDonald’s or Burger King,” said Staff Sgt. Michael Hoxie. “It’s difficult to eat the right way.”

However, one Duluth Marine overcame the odds by losing 100 pounds in order to enlist. PFC William Housey is a Duluth native who wanted to join the military ever since he was a child. While a teenager, his father became ill with stomach cancer and Housey started gaining weight.

“I weighed close to 300 pounds,” said Housey.”I was in the worst place of my life, I played video games and ate terrible food. I was gaining weight, losing friends and I really wanted to make a change.”

When he first started, he was nowhere near passing the fitness test required for recruits to go to boot camp.

“I wasn’t able to do one pullup, I was struggling on the run and always in the back,” said Housey.

But eventually, with help of his recruiters he lost 100 pounds and became a Marine.

“They helped me put me on a diet plan, a run plan because I couldn’t pass any initial physical stuff, “said Housey. “They weren’t just recruiters, they were mentors.”

Now Housey is helping encourage other potential recruits get into shape and pass the fitness test, while pushing forward.

“I’m able to be the person I want to be, I’m still pushing to be better and improve,” said Housey. “Keep striving. I love this country and I want to be the best I can be.”

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