Could a Zamboni Resurface Lake Superior?

Could something like this actually be completed?

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Have you ever wondered how long it would take for a Zamboni to resurface all of Lake Superior?

That questions was answered Tuesday afternoon by a Mathematics professor at U-W Superior. He says the typical Zamboni shaves ice at roughly four miles an hour. So at that speed, it would take 682 years to complete using only one Zamboni.

Jonathan Toutshek, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at U-W Superior says “taking a problem that I don’t normally think about and putting a little bit of spin on it. It was a heck of a lot of fun.Even if you have a machine that could withstand the length of time, the lake would thaw and freeze, and thaw and freeze and thaw and freeze over and over again so you could never actually complete the task”.

By the way, if you’d like want to resurface Lake Superior’s ice in one day, the professor says you would need around 250,000 Zamboni’s barring any problems that may pop up.

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