Snow Piles Causes Concern for Drivers in the Northland

Large snow mounds impairs drivers line of sight while on the roads.

DULUTH, Minn. – Snow mounds near intersections are reaching concerning heights and now drivers are speaking out.

At almost every intersection in Duluth, snow mounds of different heights can be found.

Many of them are blocking drivers’ views.

Now when a driver approaches an intersection extra caution is often needed to stay safe and avoid accidents.

“Its difficult to get around corners, you have to edge out its hard to see either way, a couple of times I have had some near misses,” said Linda John.

Drivers like Linda wants the City to give more priority to areas prone to potential accidents.

And where snow piles are making parking difficult.

We caught up with a street maintenance worker, who wasn’t chopping down mounds, but she was clearing sidewalk corners for pedestrians.

She says this winter has been very busy for snow clean up.

“It’s been hard because February has been a snowy month and we are always feeling like we are playing catch up, but right now we some sun and now snow now will be able to catch this when we can before the next snow storm.

A few tips for drivers to remember are to approach an intersection very slowly.

Also, look both ways before attempting to go forward.

If you would like to report a concern about a snow mound to Duluth Street Maintenance click here for more information.

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