Treating Pain, Anxiety with CBD Oil for Animals

Ignite Vapor and Tobacco is Located at 502 Hammond Avenue in Superior

DULUTH, Minn. – Scientific research proves man’s best friend is able to help humans relieve stress, but what helps your furry friends calm down and relax?

The staff at Ignite Vapor and Tobacco in Superior believe the answer is stocked on their store shelves.

Staff member Timothy Frey frequently deals with helping his German Shepard, Dakota, relieve pain.

“There are all kinds of different products available for animals. A lot of the major ones are tincture just like for humans. There’s going to be little treats like dog or cat treats so your animals will actually take them,” said Frey.

Ignite Vapor and Tobacco recently opened up. The Superior shop is fully stocked with tested CBD products aimed at helping your animals with pain, anxiety, and much more.

“Fireworks, thunderstorms, that calming effect of CBD just like in humans goes a long way,” said Frey. “Independently lots of people have tested them on their own animals; I know a lot of vets have used it on their animals. Me personally I actually use these products on my own animal.”

While many critics and health officials have yet to hop on board with CBD products, Frey believes the natural treatment is worth a try for any animal dealing with a medical condition.

“I just put a couple drops on my dogs food; he doesn’t even notice it and gobbles it right up,” said Frey. “The biggest thing that CBD helps people with is seizures. If your dog has seizures, I personally have a good friend of mine; her dog was having many seizures a day, now he’s down to one a week.”

Frey knows not everyone believes the products are effective, but says many veterinarians are welcoming the use of CBD products for pets.

“My vet was totally wiling and gave me the approval to use it on my German Shepard and I can’t tell you how good of results it’s been. I think it’s going to add years to his life,” said Frey.

At Ignite Vapor and Tobacco, all of the animal CBD products are lab tested. The oil is derived from cannabis grown only in the United States.

“If your animal gets nervous in car rides, you can give it to them for that. If they’re super hyper, it’ll also help them calm down a lot,” said Frey.

From calming down to crippled joints in aging animals, the CBD products are available in a variety of drops, treats, and other types of food.

“For your real picky animals, this one is a 500mg and it’s a peanut butter syringe,” said Frey.

For animal owners who remain resistant to trying CBD products on their pets, the staff at Ignite Vapor and Tobacco welcome curious customers to stop by and ask questions.

“We highly recommend coming in and talking to us, we’ll go over dosages with you, explain the products. Like I said it’s an ever expanding world so we’re constantly going to be getting new products in so if one product doesn’t work for your animal you can always try a different one,” said Frey.

Frey also works with another company known as Pet Essentials. The store will soon be stocking a new variety of treats infused with CBD oil.

Ignite Vapor and Tobacco is located at 502 Hammond Avenue in Superior.

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