Beers for Bills Raises Money For Cloquet Ducks Unlimited

The group also raises money to preserve wetlands

DULUTH, Minn.- Saturday, a giant adult carnival called ‘Beers for Bills’ raised money for Cloquet Ducks Unlimited. The group is raising money for conservation and to preserve wetlands.

The event wasn’t just hunters. Outdoors lovers of all kinds attended united in their love for beer and the entertainment.

Kristofer Adams, Chairman of Cloquet Ducks Unlimited says “our end goal is basically just to have fun while doing this but raise as much money as possible to conserve wetlands. To make sure that future generations are able to go out and enjoy not just hunting but camping and going out to the outdoors and experiencing things that might not be there in the future if we didn’t have stuff like this”.

The group raises about $11,000 per year. They have brought in a total of about $45,000 over the last four years.

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