Great Lakes Gear Exchange Pop Up Show

Recycled or used gear was up for grabs Saturday at the Duluth Folk School

DULUTH, Minn.- Outdoors lovers bought gear at a pop up shop at the Duluth Folk school today.

Great Lakes Gear Exchange has recycled or used gear they sell at a discounted price. They have everything wilderness folks want, and they say if you don’t use it anymore someone else still can.

Co-Owner of Great Lakes Gear Exchange Emily Richey says “If you want to try something new or have tried something new and you want to make sure that item is still going to get use out of it. Bring it to us, and we can help facilitate and create that community around getting outside and exploring the beautiful Northland.

For more information on how you can to Great Lakes Gear, or when they are having their next pop up shop, follow the link here.

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