Knowing Your Neighbor: Robinson’s & E’s Leather + Urban Wear

A local shop is bringing the true urban feel to the Northland

SUPERIOR, Wis. – A small mom and pop store in Superior is giving those in the area the ability to buy quality leather goods for all ages without having to travel a far distance to get it.

Robinson’s & E’s Leather Plus Urban Wear has been in business for four years, and offers up jackets, vests, footwear, purses, saddle bags and much more.

Edreece Nance, Co-Owner of Robinson’s & E’s Leather Plus Urban Wear says that they are bringing quality clothes, quality leather, at a low price. We are guaranteeing to beat anyone’s price”.

Not only do co-owners Edreece and Beverly want to bring something new and different to those in Superior, they also don’t want those who come to buy from them to have their bank account suffer when leaving.

Clothing that is mostly in urban cities like Chicago or Minneapolis can be expensive, but having it a quick drive away, and their low price guarantee is a great deal for anyone.

Their owners, both with completely different backgrounds, wanted to put their minds together to bring a true urban feel to the Northland. With all that’s going on in the world, they want to show that anyone can be in collaboration and do something great.

Nance said, “to show the diversity that two people can get along no matter where there background is or what not. We get along. Like that’s my best friend, I can trust her, she can trust me. And that’s what it’s about. It’s an example to show people that it don’t matter where you come from, your ethnic background, whatever, we both got the same goal. We going to make some money together, we going to work with the community, and we are going to bring top quality clothes and stuff to the people around here”.

Along with bringing that diversity to those in the Northland, they also stressed how much they want to give back to the community, because without them, they wouldn’t be in existence.

From donating food to those in need, to giving the homeless clothing, Robinson’s wants to keep the relationship with the community at a high level. Edreece is hoping he can bring what he learned back in home in terms of giving back, right here in Superior.

Nance stated “I actually raise money, and help raise money for my high school like I do for my community back home, so I’m already pretty much into that feel. So what we are going to do is anything we can do”.

They are hoping the weather breaks in May, and when that time does come, Robinson’s & E’s is planning to put together a clearance sale for all ages to come down and check out what they have to offer.

Robinson’s is located 1306 Tower Avenue in Superior.

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