Minnesota Breweries May Be Forced to Stop Selling Growlers Under Current Barrel Cap Law

Growlers account for 30% of Castle Danger's Taproom sales.

TWO HARBORS, Minn. – Several Minnesota breweries are advocating to change a law, which puts limitations on barrel production and growler sales.

If the law stays the same brewery owners believe it could prevent potential business growth.

In Minnesota, breweries are only allowed to produce up to 20,000 barrels of craft beer while selling growlers out of their taprooms.

Right now, breweries going over the limit will be forced to decide if they want to continue selling growlers or producing more barrels.

Under the same law, only seven hundred fifty barrels a year can also be sold as growlers or crowlers.

Castle Danger brewery in Two Harbors says growlers account for about 30% of their taproom sales and losing that could have some repercussions

“We do have about five full time tap room staff because we so busy. Growlers are a big part of that business. It would probably affect one to two people for sure, because they won’t be busy washing cleaning, or selling all of those growlers,” said Chief Financial Manager Jaime MacFarlane.

If the law does not change, Castle Danger has decided not to halt production of barrels and choose not to sell growlers.

The brewery deals with multiple distributors and liquors stores in Minnesota and they do not want to disrupt those relationships.

Last week, bills were introduced in both the Senate and House which would remove the barrel production cap for breweries.

Castle Danger projects they will reach the 20,000 barrel cap By October 2019.

All growler sales would stop after that date, if the current bills not passed.


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