Cause of La Pointe Fire Hall Blaze Ruled ‘Undetermined’

Indications Point to Battery Maintainers Starting the Fire

LA POINTE, Wis. – The cause of the fire that destroyed Madeline Island’s only fire station and ambulance service has been ruled ‘undetermined’ by the Fire Marshall, but La Point Fire Chief Rick Reichkeitze says indications point to battery maintainers starting the disastrous blaze.

“Battery maintainers are attached to the emergency vehicles when not in use to make sure they are charged,” says Reichkeitze.

As for the explosions that were heard when the fire broke out, he believes an interior fire is to blame.

Since the fire, the La Pointe Fire Department is working out of the snow removal equipment building on Madeline Island while the ambulances are working out of the Wind Sled Building.

Reichkeitzer says the fire department is pretty self-sufficient now but Bayfield, Red Cliff, and Washburn’s fire departments will continue to offer their services as long as the ice road is accessible.

The insurance company has released the scene and five different committees have been formed to build a new fire hall.

Donations continue to pour in from other fire departments including nine sets of breathing apparatuses which were hand-delivered by Duluth Fire Chief Dennis Edwards.

If you are interested in making a donation a GoFundMe page has been set which you can visit here: “Madeline Island Emergency Services Total Loss”

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