Animal Allies Donations to Help Multiple Organizations in the Northland

When Animal Allies Receives and Abundance of Donations, They're Then Passed on to CHUM, Wildwoods and Other Local Organizations

DULUTH, Minn. – As spring inches closer to the Northland, the demand for supplies at animal organizations in the Northland is rising.

Local shelters and animal advocates will soon be dealing with “kitten season” which means the need for blankets, food and other supplies is in top demand.

At Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth, they’re thankful to have a large storage space full of blankets, food, toys and other supplies for cats and dogs.

When adopted, each animal is sent home with a donated blanket from the shelter.

Animal Allies often deals with an overabundance of donations which are then brought to other organizations in the region in need of assistance.

“When we are given food that we can’t use here we bring that to CHUM to give to people who need their services and have pets,” said Shawna Weaver, Humane Education Manager at Animal Allies. “We also bring blankets and any other supplies that we can’t use here. So we make sure that we take everything as far as it will go in our community.”

Not only does Animal Allies work closely with CHUM, they’re also using donations from the community to help Raccoon Rescue in Two Harbors, and Wildwoods Rehabilitation Center in Duluth.

“We are so lucky that this community gives so much to us. So we appreciate that and it feels really good to give back to people who may not be able to donate to us, but many of them have pets that came from animal allies and we certainly want to keep those families together,” said Weaver.

Animal Allies is proud to have a dedicated volunteer who brings the donations to CHUM on a weekly basis.

If you’re interested in donating directly to CHUM, you’re advised to bring your donation directly to them.

CHUM is located at 102 N. First Street in Duluth. Click here to learn more about donating to CHUM.

Click here for more information on Animal Allies.

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