Healthcare Professionals from the Northland Attend St. Luke’s Time Critical Conference

"It takes a village take care of these patients."

DULUTH, Minn. – About a 100 healthcare providers attended a conference in Duluth to build skills on how to handle trauma before a patient can be taken a hospital.

Health professionals presented case by case scenarios of time critical illnesses or injuries such as heart attacks and strokes.

The group also learned strategies for patient management and the importance of communication in healthcare systems.

“It takes a village take care of these patients,” said Dr. Scott Mikesell.

“The involvement of all specialties and fields and hospitals and services is paramount to get these patients in these time critical scenarios to our hospital or Essentia to take care of them and try to keep them alive,” Dr. Mikesell continues.

St. Luke’s officials hope today’s conference will help improve patient care in the Northland.

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