Northland Group Training for Grandma’s Marathon

North Park Run Club enjoying outdoors with warm weather

DULUTH, Minn.- Snow in the Northland is melting which means that one local group is preparing for Grandma’s Marathon finally has the opportunity to get onto the pavement and enjoy the fresh air.

North Park Run Club Coach Jessica Rossing says “this kind of helps to even it out a bit, to help everyone get back into a grove of running”.

Tuesday night, the North Pack Run Club began practicing interval running, to improve their power and speed which could pay off with a personal best time come race day crossing the finish line”.

Rossing also stated that “if you are always training at the same pace, you train your body to always go there”.

The weather in the Northland is finally nice enough for the club to get outside and off their home treadmills.

Amy Miller, who runs in the half Grandma’s Marathon said “it’s nice to get off the treadmill and the sun feels great, and it’s been awesome”. Miller, who has run the half marathon for nine years despite her auto immune disease she was diagnosed with four years ago and also says her training cycle also includes a strict diet.

Miller, empathized that she “eats a very healthy plant based diet which I think has actually helped a lot. My husband kind of followed with a more plant based diet and actually noticed his times dropped significantly”.

Finding motivation to run in the cold temperatures is hard for most, but the run club sticks together so they can make it to the starting line come June 22nd.

Rossing said “that’s why its great to have this group. You know, if you’re not apart of a run club but like finding a friend that you can meet to have that accountability to just get out there”.

The Garry Bkjorkland half marathon is already sold out, but bibs are still available if you sign up as a charity runner for the race. Full marathon bibs can still be purchased online.



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