Live Simply With Kim: Spring Time Is Declutter Time

DULUTH, Minn. – With spring now officially on the books, experts say it’s the perfect time to declutter your life and let things go that you just don’t need in your home.

Kim Schlichting, owner of Live Simply With Kim, says a clear space equals a clear mind.

Be mindful of the things you bring into your home, she says. If it doesn’t enhance your life, it doesn’t deserve to be in your home.

And Schlichting says spring is the best time to tackle that new you.

“It’s so much easier to do that deep cleaning. How do you sweep and mop the floor if the kids’ toys are all over,” Schlichting said. Decluttering is essential in our daily lives not just at spring time to surround yourself with the things you love.”

The big message — less is more.

Schlichting says our needs are simple: Food, clothing and shelter. The rest is just stuff.

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