Motorcycles Start Hitting the Roads

Sunshine and warm temps are allowing those on two wheels to get back on the pavement

DULUTH, Minn.- Motorcycle riders here in the Northland are finally able to get back and out on two wheels again.

Terry Ludwikowski, owner of Color & Chrome in Superior, says “the riding, the wind in your face, and you just feel like you’re all of a sudden free again after all winter”.

With sunshine here and temperatures rising, Northland bikers are anxious for motorcycle season.

Owner of Harley Davidson in Hermantown, Dennis Kachelmyer stated “you don’t see the┬ákind of enthusiasm that the folks have in this part of the country for motorcycling”

While it still may be a little early for motorcycles to be out in full force, some are starting to get ahead of others and get out on the pavement. But with all the salt and potholes still causing problems out there, waiting a little longer may be the smart road to take.

Kachelmyer also mentioned “waiting for a big┬ásubstantial rain to wash a lot of that stuff in the gutters. And then its really best to wait for the street sweepers to get out”.

Ludwikowski believes that pothole season is the perfect time to get your bike tuned up and ready to go for the upcoming season. “With our cold long winters, bikes sit, they might not have been properly started, the gas might not have been properly treated in the fall and everybody wants to get their bike out and ride it and don’t want it tied up in the shop when it is nice”.

Although the number of motorcycles on the road may not be as many as you will see in the coming weeks or even months, another local mechanic know as “Turtle”, owner of the Hog Pen stresses safety is the number one thing when the motorcycles do get back on the road.

Turtle said “Well everybody is antsy right now, and they wanna get out on the road and I just wanna stress for people to lookout for motorcycles”.

And with this weekend expecting to be in the forties and fifties, more and more motorcycles will be hitting the roads barring any winter weather to come back to the Northland area.


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