Northern Star: Brynne and Elise Hauer

For this week's segment, we feature sisters on the St. Scholastica women's tennis team.

DULUTH, Minn. – A bond between sisters can’t be broken, and that’s exactly what St. Scholastica women’s tennis teammates Brynne and Elise Hauer have. The sisters are playing in their first and only season together with the Saints and are enjoying every moment.

“It’s definitely a different bond being a sister, especially when you also wear that teammate hat and sibling hat. We just have a different bond that, it’s really hard to describe into words but we just get each other really well and we knew how to better support each other,” Elise Hauer said.

The Hauers are Duluth natives and went to school at Duluth East. After seeing Elise at St. Scholastica and deciding to play at the collegiate level herself, Bynne knew her decision of where to go would be easy.

“It was a really big thing for me to be close to home. I really like being close to home and my family so it was totally a bonus that I was accepted to Scholastica and chose to play here, with my sister, too,” Brynne Hauer said.

“She was looking at a couple other colleges but I knew that she would really like it here. So I was kind of hoping that she would come here but I ultimately wanted what was best for her and I couldn’t have been more excited knowing that she would be here and we’d get to have one year together,” Elise Hauer said.

The two have an undeniable bond, one that can be seen on the court even when they’re not playing together.

“They’re always cheering each other. Each one has a nickname for each other and they’ll be three or four courts away and you’ll hear one of them say it and right away it’s like ‘that’s her sister saying it’,” head coach Wells Patten said.

While they cheer each other on, they’ve also been able to share a special moment together while playing. The sisters haven’t been regular doubles partners this season but they did get the chance to play together once so far this year.

“They played one match. And it was kind of a situation where their normal doubles partner, one of them was sick at the last minute and I said, ladies, wanna give it a shot?” Patten said.

“My heart warmed right when he said Brynne and Elise to play together, I was just so excited and it was kind of something we’ve been waiting for,” Brynne Hauer said.

The Hauers still have a few months left playing competitively together and while they don’t know if they’ll get to share a court together again, they’re just taking it all in and trying to make each other proud.

“I always know that she’s proud of me. I think just the feeling of her being proud of me is just the most amazing feeling as a younger sister. And I’m extremely proud of her and the player she is and the person she is on the court, too,” Brynne Hauer said.

“I’m super proud of her. She’s honestly one of the best people I know and she’s a super strong young women…but I just hope that whatever goals she wants to reach, she can reach it, and has my support and my family’s support,” Elise Hauer said.

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