Knowing Your Neighbor: 144 Music, Fashion and More

Looking to spice up your style? 144 has it all

DULUTH, Minn.- Looking to add some drip to your fashion style this spring and summer? Look no further than 144 Music, Fashion and More here in Duluth.

You may be asking, what is drip? Drip is adding some bling and glitter to your since of style. And with so many concerned about how we look out in the public, this is the place to make sure you looking styling for any occasion.

144 Music and Fashion has it all. From jeans to leggings, and even some jeggings. The new shop has next level fashion, and sizes for all. They truly want you to look and feel the best over at 144.

Timothy Squalls, Owner of 144 Music Fashion and More says “regardless of what your taste or like, we have it and we guarantee to be a gateway to the community to look the best and most fashionable person that you desire to be”.

Duluth is a warm welcoming, free spirited community that now has the ability to see what they see online right in their backyard.

Squalls also stated that “the fact that were here not to upgrade it but to compliment it, it actually is positive. It’s positive for the people that come in, and it’s positive for us”.

Even though the clothing shop just opened up their doors last week, they make sure that you leave the store feeling like a new you.

Squalls put it best saying “I’ve had positive happy customers. They come in here feeling one way and couple minutes in the store and shopping, a couple of ooo’s and waaa’s and they feel great”.

Although many large style clothing and fashion stores have shut their doors recently, the owners of this new store hope to offer the community great affordable clothes for a long period of time.

Squalls also mentioned that “for the people around the community worried about that, we are open, we have great clothes, we have great prices, and we plan to be around for as long as you guys will have us”.

For those who are looking to get some new summer drip to add to their selection of clothing, 144 Music Fashion and More is located at 28 West First Street in Downtown Duluth.

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