Duluth Lakewalk Progresses, More Construction on the Way

City leaders are hopeful portions of the Lakewalk will open to visitors by mid-summer.

DULUTH, Minn. – Phase one of the Lakewalk construction project is almost complete.

City officials are now planning to move forward with the next stages of repairs after severe storms caused a lot of damage.

So far, several changes have been made including the installation of a concrete wall with stone protection located behind Fitger’s.

Phase two of the ongoing project will extend the concrete wall up to Veteran’s Memorial Hall and install new pavement along the trail.

But before the next phases can get started city leaders will have to iron out a few details.

“We have to assemble a bidding package with the city purchasing department and then advertise for bids on that. We are hoping to complete that process really quickly,” said Construction Project Supervisor Mike LeBeau.

The construction project supervisor tells us he hopes construction for phase two will begin shortly after the bidding process is completed within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, Fitger’s staff offers an invitation for people to stop by once construction begins.

“I really encourage everyone to come down and watch the work because it is really a lot of fun to watch them bring in additional rock they are putting out. Just the excavating, seeing the big equipment is very exciting,” said Mall Manager Tami Tanski-Sherman.

There have been a few other setbacks along the way.

The biggest was when negotiations for federal emergency funding for the repair of Canal Park halted during the government shutdown.

The funding was eventually approved in February, but the delay now means the full project isn’t expected to be completed until next year.

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