Proctor Car Wash Burglarized

Thieves broke into a change machine stealing $30 dollars in quarters and dollar coins

PROCTOR, Minn.- A small car wash owner in Proctor is out thousands of dollars after one or more thieves broke into a change machine.

Only about thirty dollars in quarters and dollar coins were taken, but the damage to the self-serve car wash is more like three thousand.

Owner Mike Podgornik says he came into work this morning to find one of the car wash’s payment boxes cut open. He believes the weapon that caused so much damage was a blow torch, and he can’t believe he was a target in such a small community.

Podgornik stated “here in Proctor, I just didn’t think it would happen, especially like that. There’s other ways to do it, but with a set of torches is pretty aggressive”.

The car wash remains open, and Podgornik plans to add more surveillance cameras to the property.

A five hundred dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest of whoever did the crime.

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