UMD Clean Snowmobile Team Finishes Season

They're aiming at making snowmobiles cleaner, quieter, and more efficient.

DULUTH, Minn. – Each year the UMD clean snowmobile team modifies a stock sled to make it cleaner, quieter, and more efficient.

The team finished 7th against other top collegiate teams in the country this year.

They try to cut down on harmful emissions but also on the noise pollution.

“If you live close to a trail or something and all these noisy sleds are coming by sometimes people don’t really want to hear that so we try to make it so it’s a lot quieter but then it’s also still fun to ride on the trails as well,” said Jacob Krabbenhoft president of the UMD clean snowmobile team.

Not only do the students get to create cutting edge modifications but their experience working on the sled can help them get jobs as well.

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