Chisholm Teachers Begin Negotiations Again

Chisholm Elementary is the only district in the state without a contract for 2017-2019

CHISHOLM, Minn.- According to the Teachers Union, Chisholm Elementary School District is the only district in the state that hasn’t reached a 2017-2019 contract agreement with teachers.

Despite lengthy negotiations, the two sides have yet to reach an agreement. Tonight, teachers met to rally before they go back to the bargaining table.

Chisholm teachers want to be valued and respected. Tomorrow morning, they will go in front of the school board in hopes of finally coming to terms on a deal.

Chisholm teachers are asking for a salary increase which they say will be competitive with surrounding districts. They hope to come to reach an agreement after a long negotiation process.

Denise Specht, President of Education Minnesota said that “the teachers are fed up with this. They are tired of the time it’s taken to get a fair and competitive contract signed here”. Throughout the contract negotiations teachers have been coming to work.

Tim Provinzino, President of Chisholm Local 1276 stated that “the one thing that I have noticed in our district is our teachers are coming here, doing there job, there professional. They aren’t just going to say oh we aren’t working, we aren’t doing this. We’ve been doing what we signed on to do”. Both sides are hopeful tomorrow they will reach an agreement and finally be able to move on.

Specht also mentioned that ”¬†what the teachers are asking for is not going to break the bank. The district has been hoarding reserves for a long, long time. They have the money in the bank to pay for the increases the teachers are asking for”.

Stephanie Jensen, a fifth grade teacher who has been in the district for more than twenty years, says she’s overwhelmed with all the support the teachers are getting. Not only locally, but state wide as well.

Jensen said “we work really hard and don’t always get that support. So it means a lot to have her show up. It means a lot to have the community and parents backing us up. Appreciating what we do on a day to day basis because it’s not easy”.

The Superintendent of the Elementary School declined to comment on this matter. Negotiations begin tomorrow morning at 8:30 at Chisholm Elementary.

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