Northland Uncovered: The Family Behind Gordy’s Hi-Hat

Northland Uncovered: Gordy's Hi-Hat celebrates 59 years in business.

CLOQUET, Minn.- 1960- that was the year Gordy and Marilyn Lundquist decided it was time to settle down in Cloquet.

The couple owned 2 other restaurants before opening Gordy’s, an A&W in Eleveth and the London Inn in Duluth.

But Gordy’s became more of a family affair.

“It’s myself, my dad, and my grandma and grandpa that still work here today, everyday,” Gordy’s grandson Sever Lundquist said.

Through the years, Gordy’s came to be known as the generations restaurant in town.

“We have a lot of employees that have been here for a long time and their children work for us now too. It’s not just us here that are the generations. It’s employees and customers here as well,” Lundquist said.

Lisa Neufeld and Tammy Hjerpe have worked there for over 30 years.

They say they main reason they keep coming back– the people.

“I guess I just been doing it so long it becomes part of you. It’s what you do and you just look forward to doing it,” Hjerpe said.

In 59 years, the family added a coffee shop next door, a bathroom out back and more space for parking. But that’s about as much change as they’re looking for.

“If all of the sudden we built another building or tried to franchise or something like that it wouldn’t have the same character because it wouldn’t have them here,” Lundquist said.

Because it’s that vintage feel and Gordy’s spirit that keeps people coming back year after year.

“I’m sure this was kind of what he was hoping for. Something he could own his whole life and that eventually his family would take over generation after generation,” Lundquist said.

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