Our Planet Summit Held Thursday

UMD students educated those of the Northland area Thursday

DULUTH, Minn.- The planet was on the minds of UMD students today as an environmental summit was held at the DECC.

It was all about encouraging, inspiring, and developing connections about what is going on in our environment and what’s ahead. Organizers say the summit is a way to call on young people to take action and find solutions for environmental problems in our world.

Annika Frazer, MPIRG Environmental Task Force Leaders said that “being educated is the difference between having long term actions that kind of become a routine that could really make a change versus trendy things that kind of come up as time goes on then fades off”.

And she also said stated that we all have something tied to the environment that we find personal, but it’s our responsibility to make sure it remains around for generations to come.

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