After Proposing Cuts, Trump Now Ready to Fund Great Lakes Restoration

The President backtracks on some proposed cuts to EPA.

DULUTH, Minn.- For the third year in a row the President proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, which included a 90 percent cut to funding for Great Lakes restoration.

But that proposal now seems to be saved by the President himself.

Last night at a rally in Michigan, the President declared his support for the Great Lakes.

“I support the Great Lakes, always have,” he said. “They’re beautiful, they’re big, very deep–record deepness.”

Then, as quick as he proposed the cuts, he announced the reinstatement of funding for restoration of the Great Lakes.

“Full funding of 300 million dollars for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative,” Trump said. “Which, you’ve been trying to get for over 30 years.”

Meanwhile local lake experts are breathing a sigh of relief that the President seems to recognize the importance of restoration.

Officials from the Minnesota Sea Grant, which has depended on significant aid from the GLRI, says the program is key to speeding up cleanup efforts.

“This Great Lakes Restoration Funding has been critical to cleaning up a number of sites and every year they’re getting more and more done,” Jesse Schomberg, Associate Director for Outreach, said. “Getting to the point where it’s no longer going to be considered an Area of Concern, if we can get all these things cleaned up.”

“But it requires funding.”

Still, none of these plans are final just yet.

The 90 percent cut to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative would have fallen into the overall 31 percent proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, which only amounts to .2 percent of the $4 trillion federal budget.

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