Nearly Naked Ruck March

Active Adventures: Rucking Enger Tower For Northland Veterans Struggling With PTSD

DULUTH, Minn. — In this week’s Active Adventures we are getting nearly naked and raising money to help Northland veterans.

Everyday 22 veterans take their lives, struggling from PTSD, trauma, depression and having trouble adjusting and finding their purpose back in civilian life. The 23 Veteran started here in Duluth 4 years ago by Mike Waldron. The non-profit 23 Veteran is a reconditioning program designed to help veterans struggling, live happier and healthier lives.

You can help by joining us Saturday March 20th at Enger Tower, as Duluth gets “nearly naked” (a.k.a. long underwear, shorts, tank tops etc… please DON’T come in your birthday suit!) and ruck for our veterans.

So what is rucking? It’s carrying a weighted pack on your back. It implies action, energy, and purpose.

The Nearly Naked Ruck March is a very fun event hosted by 23rd Veteran. The Nearly Naked hike raises money for necessary veteran programs to help veterans live happier and healthier lives around the country.
  • Carry weight on your back to represent the weight many service members carry in the battle against combat stress.
  • Raising $2,500 sends one veteran through 23rd Veteran’s life-changing reconditioning program (23V Recon).
  • Expect a day full of live music, long underwear, superhero costumes, and food/drinks throughout the course #bringyourfunface
  • Currently these cities get NEARLY NAKED
    • Duluth, MN
    • Minneapolis, MN
    • St. Cloud, MN
    • San Diego, CA
    • Los Angeles, CA

WHEN: Saturday March 30, 2019

WHERE: Duluth at Skyline Parkway, Enger Tower

1801 W Skyline Pkwy

Duluth, MN 55806


Ruck Village located at Enger Park Golf Course with free parking. They’ll step-off from the golf course and ruck a one-mile loop around Enger Tower on Skyline Parkway for a max of 10 miles.

-8:30 am registration and pre-ruck festivities
-10 am step off
-Route is a 1-mile loop on Skyline Blvd around Enger Tower (yes Duluth is closing Skyline for you to ruck it in undies!) – up to 10 miles long
-Every half-mile you’ll be greeted by a warming station with restrooms, water, music, and more!
-Be sure to bring your own rucksacks, any style will do – or you can purchase a legit one from our partners at GORUCK (8% supports 23rd Veteran) – see link on event wall
-If you aren’t familiar with rucking, we recommend carrying a max of 20 lbs – for those more experienced, cap it at 50 lbs
-If you load your rucksack with canned goods and clothing, you can donate them at the finish line for locals in need

-Live Music at the finish line
-Beer Garden
-Food Trucks
-And lots of good people that are here for the same reasons you are! To support an amazing cause…



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